Smart Baby Shower Gifts You Can Choose Now

The birth of a child involves the purchase of many essential everyday products and accessories best pack and play with bassinet. To welcome the baby, nothing like a practical and useful birth gift, which the new mother will need during the first months after childbirth, thermometer, health book, baby nose. Here are some ideas for smart gifts.

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Soft toys, soft toys, pacifiers, bodysuit and clothes

Young mothers receive a multitude of them at the birth of a child, sometimes even in duplicate, and generally do not have the time to use them all as a child grows up quickly. To offer smart, choose childcare articles and practical accessories that will be very useful on a daily basis for the health of the newborn. As you chose the right baby shower gifts you can have the best options available for the same.

Birth gifts for the bath and the toilet

From birth, parents pay particular attention to baby’s hygiene. So why not offer a thermometer that will allow you to check the correct temperature before plunging the child into the deep end? Certain models, two-in-one, are all the more effective since they allow both to indicate the temperature of the room and that of the water. You will find very cute ones in the shape of animals, on average at 20 euros, in specialized stores or in pharmacies.

Also think about the medical thermometer to check, in case of doubt, if the child has a fever. Since this is one of the main worries of parents, offering the means to check that the child does not have a fever is an opportunity to reassure them. On the contrary, if the child is feverish, then parents can react in time by taking their baby to see a doctor. In any case, the thermometer is the essential health accessory that all parents need.

Care products

The care products for toddlers should be tailored to the child’s age: make sure they are hypoallergenic , soap-free and paraben as micellar solution for body, face and eyes. The same goes for shower, body and hair gels, as well as baby perfumes.

In addition, to be sure to please, make up a complete toiletry bag, or even personalized, with the child’s first name, including certain essential elements for birth: a cleansing gel, a cream for erythema buttock (to be applied in case of irritation), accompanied by liniment to clean it without irritating it, as well as Chlorhexidine, a product intended to clean the umbilical cord while waiting for it to heal and fall on its own. Do not hesitate to slip in all the accessories that the mother has not yet had time to buy and that will meet her needs. You can also check with parents to see if they have these useful little accessories.. Do they have or not a nail clipper and round-tipped scissors or even a baby nose, very useful when the child is congested? Indeed, not knowing yet how to blow his nose alone, this product is to have on hand, as well as physiological serum.

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And on the food side?

Often, health rhymes with safety! If the new mother has decided to bottle-feed her baby, bet on a bottle sterilizer as a birth gift. Electric, steam or microwave, you will have the choice according to the needs of the parents, among many models offered in specialized childcare stores. Very practical, they thus make it possible to disinfect the baby’s bottles in order to avoid any bacteria.

The health book cover

Compulsory during childhood and from birth, the health record allows the health and development of the child to be monitored while protecting the medical documents as well as the baby’s prescriptions on which the pediatrician notes all his comments. In addition, some health notebooks are customizable, sweet, and crisp. A practical birth gift for all organized mothers without forgetting that it is kept throughout its growth. With this gift, there is no doubt that the young mother will think of you at each medical visit.