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"I feel like I have 'come home' to my self. So much clarity and empowerment has come and I am in a wonderful place of acceptance. In many ways, I feel that I have fully realized my self as a vibrational being and that I can create anything with love, joy and patience. Old issues seem to hold no charge anymore and every encounter/experience offers opportunities for enlightenment. I have to thank you for allowing me into the circle with the Hathor teachings. Truly amazing and life-changing."

M.O., Sedona, AZ

"Now I know why I was being so strongly guided to come to you. I went home and took a nap as suggested, but it seemed like I had a lot of energy. Sort of turned into a 'restless leg syndrome' episode! ;-) But the important part was when it dawned on me that I could straighten my legs all the way, putting the back of my knees flat against the bed. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT FOR THREE YEARS!!!! Did you know you witnessed a miracle today??? I have been thanking the angels for thirty minutes now, so decided to write to you and share the joy. ;-) Thank you so much !!"

A.D., St. Louis MO

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Other Workshops

Ask the Angels! / Your HeartWalk Workshop /
Re-Sourcing: Rediscovering the Gift of Love Within Us / Merkaba Meditation / More Workshops Available!

Phoenix Rising Star 8-8-08.JPG

This picture was taken on 8-8-08 when Phoenix was hosting a meditation via teleconference.
The minute the 125 people on the conference call began to heartlink,
the phone line went dead.
For 20 minutes no one could get back on the teleconference.
We think we fried the phone line with love. :-)
Notice the rainbow coming from Phoenix's third eye?

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Ask the Angels!

with Phoenix Rising Star

An online course designed to help you

  • clear your energy field to manifest your heart's desires
  • open your senses so you understand how the divine connects with you
  • receive instant 'app's' for healing, soul transformation or ascended living, to help you instantly when you need it the most!

Visit Channel Your Spirit!

Contact Phoenix at 928-239-9332 or email sedonaheartwalk@yahoo.com for more information

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Your HeartWalk Workshop

Our newest workshop!

Your HeartWalk Workshop: Simple Steps to invoking the God Power Within and Remembering Who You Are!

    In this workshop you can expect to:

  • Take back your power.
  • Love yourself.
  • Recognize when you're in your heart and when you're not.
  • Learn simple techniques to always move back to your heart.
  • Live in love, joy and gratitude.
  • Heal, shift and change your perfect reality.
  • Raise consciousness in, through, and all around you.
  • And more!

Your HeartWalk Workshop incorporates what we have learned in the last twenty years.
Using simple techniques, we have condensed "hard work" into "ease and grace".

  • Learn the basics of staying in your heart through the HeartWalk Meditation.
  • Connect to your angels, spirit helpers, higher self, and higher power for profound connection to all that is.
  • Help heal yourself from the blocks that keep you from being in your heart and manifesting your heart's desires.
  • Utilize sacred geometry as a means for meditation and manifestation.
  • Experience multiple modalities to change your life!

  • Your HeartWalk Workshop is currently available for scheduling.

    For more information or to schedule a workshop, contact Leon and/or Phoenix
    at 928-239-9332 or sedonaheartwalk@yahoo.com


    Remember, Redeem and Integrate is a meditation by Leon, and used in the HeartWalk Workshop.

    This remembering, redeeming and integrating your Divine Nature meditation is facilitated by an aspect of your Divine Nature called: Leon

    It first takes you through the heart connection of the ancients that we all have access to by our breath, attention and intention.
    From that center place where the merging of the love of The Divine Mother, The Divine Father and The Divine Child we put forth our co-creations!

    When we claim and be this love, we take back our power and we relinquish the power that we have taken for ourselves that belong to another.

    This meditation brings the listener through a series of empowerment energies derived from that Center connection
    that are designed to rescind, revoke, make null and void from the beginning
    the contracts, covenants and agreements made knowingly or unknowingly that compromised the Divine Nature.

    The listener will remember the simple way to connect to this power automatically
    by the attention to the breath with the intention of giving and receiving love and gratitude.

    This meditation even clears the blocks that you may be unaware of to open you up more and more to your Divine energetic potential.

    Listen to a sample of Leon's Meditation: Remember, Redeem and Integrate, used in the HeartWalk Workshop here.

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    Purchase the entire mp3 here for only $9.99.

    Music used in this meditation is Letting Go by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.
    Licensed by RoyaltyFreeMeditationMusic.com

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    The Merkaba Activation Workshop

    • Creating the Energetic Foundation to Activate the Merkaba
    • Male and Female Techniques to Activate the Merkaba
    • Pranic Breathing Technique(s)
    • The Earth/Sky--Yin/Yang Connection/Activation
    • Chakra Balancing Technique(s)
    • Opening the Third Eye from the Heart Energy/Connection Technique
    • Third Eye Light Beam Activation Technique
    • Activating and applying the Creation Mechanism that You Are
    • Introduction to the Sacred Geometry of our Consciousness

    Contact Leon at heartlinc@yahoo.com for more information.

    Download flyer here.


    Re-sourcing: Rediscovering the gift of love within us

    A day of guided meditation, sharing, and transforming
    with Phoenix Rising Star.

    Re-source: connecting to the purity of the divine,
    and remembering what it's like to come home to yourself.

    In this one day event, remember self-love

    • for self-healing
    • for creating a field of love in which others may choose to heal or transform
    • for sharing with people/planet because you can
    • for manifesting your heart-felt desires or something better.

    Join Phoenix in a peaceful, easy day that will transform you.
    Wear comfortable clothing. Bring bottled water and an open heart.

    At this time, Re-sourcing is available for scheduling.

    Contact Phoenix with questions or to schedule: 928-239-9332 or sedonaheartwalk@yahoo.com

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    More Workshops Available!

    If you're looking for something in addition to our Integrated Energy Therapy® Workshops check out this list!

    • Dowsing: Learn how to use L-rods, a pendulum, or even your body!
      Learn how to program your dowsing instrument
      so you can trust your answers!
      Learn how to dowse for answers,
      grid rooms and properties for protection and abundance,
      and test for health products and issues.
    • Seven Steps to Transformation:
      Step 1: Heartlink Process
      Step 2: Activate your 12-Strand DNA
      Step 3: Clear Karma
      Step 4: Practice Forgiveness
      Step 5: Empower your Heart
      Step 6: Future Life Progression
      Step 7: Freedom from Codependency
      See this page for more information.
    • Healing Angels Class: Learn how to connect to healing angels
      and learn how to receive their messages.
      See this page for more information.
    • Trust your Gut: Learning how to access and trust your intuition.
    • Meditation: Choose from the Unity Breath,
      the Ascension Intention Meditation,
      or any of our healing meditations
      for your highest good and healing!
    • Medicine Wheel Ceremonies: See this page for more information.
    • Shamanic Journeys: See this page for more information.
    • Aura Photo Parties! See this page for more information.
    • A Night with Leon! Learning Sacred geometry, harmonic frequencies and other enlightening topics.
    • And so much more!

    Most of these workshops can be taught in 1-2 hour blocks
    or with several 1-2 hour blocks.
    Inquire about what works for you
    by calling 928-239-9332
    or contact us sedonaheartwalk@yahoo.com.

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