When you can’t be in Sedona, but you’d like to be…..and also just because you are ready to further your growth as a soul, these online courses are for you!

Ask the Angels! Online Training  /   The Healing Angel Protocol Online Training  /   Create the Life You Were Meant To Live Online Training

Ask the Angels! Online Course

Do you have a longing to create a lucrative lifestyle, share your gifts with confidence, and make an impact on the world?

Do you love angels? Or have a longing to connect with them?

Exploring your options for success?

Then you’re in the right place!

I have been working with clients and students, just like you, for over twenty years!

Teaching people how to change and transform their energy so they can

Key #1 *Clear the past

Key #2 *Trust your Guidance

Key #3 *Create your Action Plan for Success.

I’ve been offering these ‘keys’ in live workshops around the country, and more recently in my online course by the same name. I’ve seen and heard the transformation people have experienced from these workshops, and I know you’ll receive it firsthand also. That’s why I’m offering this to you now. To give you the information you need to live the life you desire. To be significant. To be divinely guided. To open to your soul’s destiny with ease. To be of service to humanity.

I can tell you firsthand how these ‘keys’ have changed my life. They’ve allowed me to expand my reach, to live the life of my dreams, and to live my soul’s destiny. When I first started as an entrepreneur twenty years ago, I taught classes in my living room because I couldn’t afford to rent space. I bartered with people and offered them healing sessions in exchange for work they did for me. I did everything I could to survive.

Now I’ve gone beyond surviving into thriving as a result of these ‘keys’. I’m living in beautiful Sedona, AZ, living the life of my dreams. I travel with my partner, Leon, and together we offer transformative and empowering workshops all over the country. I have 2 Master’s Degrees. I’m an author, an angel messenger, and a Transformational Life Coach specializing in busting through blocks. What this basically means is I teach people how to change and transform their energy so they can create a lucrative lifestyle, share their gifts and make an impact on the world.

And I’m loving every minute of it!

You’ve probably listened to other experts that have shared how to change your life. Maybe some of their suggestions even worked for you.

But if you’re still looking for instant and even easy, transformation, from the comfort of your home, then you’re in the right place!

You’re also in the right place if….

*you’re looking for help and support on a daily basis, or just for emergencies

*you want support and guidance for your soul’s purpose and your next steps on your path

*you want to offer your creative gifts to the world and either don’t know how or you are currently offering them and desire to take them farther

*you have a longing to make an impact on the world in a way that is significant to you

There’s hope! By learning these strategies in my online course Ask the Angels!, you’ll be able to live the life you desire, with instant transformation! You’ll unlock your soul’s destiny and share your gifts with the world, with ease! You’ll live your true purpose!  AND create a lucrative lifestyle!

Offering you a profound sense of completion.

And what you’re about to learn in the online course, you’re going to be able to apply right away.

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The Healing Angel Protocol: 


*simple and effective new angel healing techniques to heal yourself, your loved ones, your friends, and your environment.

*how to heal DNA damage from trauma, pollution, genetics and more!

*help focus your mind, still the body and restore your soul to wholeness as you let your light shine when you discover and share your gifts with the world!

The techniques we learn will help you to deeply connect to your intuition, inner guidance, angels and guides PLUS

*merge with our angels and guides for the highest and best healing and insight

*learn how to interpret your internal messages accurately

*clear physical and energetic space to promote optimal healing

*enhance your current practice, begin a new one, or enjoy your newfound gifts for personal use.

6 week course (Part 1) with weekly calls on zoom, a secret facebook page, tons of group support plus new information not found anywhere else in print!

For more information on Parts 2, and 3, PLUS how you can learn to be a practitioner of The Healing Angel Protocol, and to register for the next Part 1 Training,  click here.

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Create the Life You

Were Meant To

Live Online Training

12 Module Program with Mentor

and Teacher Phoenix Rising Star. 

A powerful opportunity to discover and access hidden dimensions, spiritual helpers, and healing wisdom for your life, your business, and our world.

Open your senses, envision your dreams, create your reality as you experience the beauty and sacredness of all life in a beautifully supportive virtual course.

Science and Imagination Work Together. Just imagine having a team of spiritual helpers ready to assist you in your growth, healing and evolution.  Who can help you transform your inner game of pain, trauma, and misbelief to peace, compassion, strength, resilience and ability to heal at the spiritual level.  Imagine learning how to observe your external game and transform it at the internal level, while manifesting your dreams into reality with your helpers.  Understand what science has been telling us about the healing power of meditation and shamanic journeys, which is another form of meditation.

“The mind is everything.
What you think you become.”  Buddha

“You can bring into your life more power,
more wealth, more health, more happiness, and
more joy by learning to contact and release
the hidden power of your subconscious mind.” – Dr. Joseph Murphy

“Shamanic journeying is explicitly designed to heal these wounds, restore your soul, and, in the process, bring your life into a state of sacred wholeness.”  Sandra Ingerman

This course gives you the understandings of how we get blocked and out of balance in our hearts, energy, power and our souls  plus gives you the tools to regain your health on all levels.  It teaches you how to access your own sources of innate wisdom and healing while enabling you to feel confident in creating your steps to success.  How to connect with a compassionate and sharing group of community for connection, support and ceremony.

During these 12 modules, you’ll discover how to:

  • safely  explore your inner and outer worlds
  • easily apply the 3 Step Phoenix Rising Star Process to your goal setting
  • identify wounds you may not be aware of
  • receive help and support for healing and transforming those wounds
  • open your senses to receiving insights and awarenesses for your path to success
  • create instant ‘app’s’ for instant transformation
  • be guided in transforming the energy behind your thoughts
  • deepen your relationship with your spiritual helpers
  • create a foundation for spiritual healing and daily living

The Importance of an Expert/Mentor

A mentor helps you see what you are too close to see.  With Phoenix’s experience as a counselor, hypnotherapist, healer, and shamanic practitioner, she has experience to draw from that will help you to not only see, but help you to safely transform what you choose to change to avoid the common pitfalls and challenges we all face with goal setting, following through, and connecting to the spirit realms for assistance.  In addition to her practical skills, Phoenix brings integrity, love and deep support to assist you on your path.

What you’ll experience in these 12 modules:

Our opening group call will create a group ceremony and set our intentions.  Then, each week,   a lesson with a guided meditation and a shamanic journey will be available.  Weekly, there will be a group call (recorded) to answer questions or give clarification or further instruction.

Module 1:  Work with a spirit helper to create an altar or ceremony for your training.

  • Create both an altar/ceremony in the physical and in the spiritual realms for continued support.
  • Learn how to use both for prayer and healing requests.
  • Learn how to open  to continued guidance with your helpers.

Module 2:  Work with your spirit helpers to remember why you’re here.

  • Visit the time and space before you incarnated.
  • Meet with your helping guides who helped you plan your lifetime.
  • Bring this knowledge of your goals, aspirations, lessons, and gifts back with you.  Perform a ceremony around this knowledge or add to your altar.

Module 3:  Create your personal or professional goal for this training.

  • Meet with a spiritual helper to determine the one goal most useful for you now.
  • Understand how this goal is connected to your soul goals in this lifetime as well as where you are now.
  • Perform a ceremony for envisioning the success of this goal.

Module 4:  Work with a spirit helper to recognize and heal  blocks to your goal’s success.

  • Connect with your helper for understanding
  • Request and receive healing from your spiritual helper
  • Perform a ceremony for healing.

Module 5:  Work with an ancient ancestor to recognize and heal ancestral blocks to success affecting your goal’s success.

  • Connect with your ancient ancestor for understanding.
  • Request and receive healing from your ancestor.
  • Perform a ceremony for your ancestral lineage:  past, present and future

Module 6:  journey to a place of healing in the spiritual realms.

  • Connect with a spiritual helper to heal core issues, known and unknown.
  • Request and receive healing on all levels.
  • Perform a ceremony for the release and healing of your core issues.

Module 7: Journey to your future self to discover how you can create the life you were meant to live.

  • Understand how your goal fits in with the life you were meant to live.
  • Learn how to merge your energy with your future self
  • Integrate your new knowledge into your daily actions.
  • Perform a ceremony for integration of your future self.

Module 8:  Journey to the Land of Dreams

  • Understand what your daydreams are telling you
  • Learn how to interpret your daydreams to help you reach your goal and create the life you were meant to live
  • Perform a ceremony for your daydream and your goal’s success.

Module 9:  Discover a lost dream to retrieve

  • Journey to a spirit helper to ‘remember’ a lost dream
  • Integrate this lost dream into your daily practice
  • Make plans with your spirit helper to bring this dream to reality
  • Create and perform a ceremony around integrating your lost dream

Module 10:  Identify core beliefs blocking your creative energy

  • Journey to a spirit helper to identify any core beliefs blocking your energy
  • Learn ways to transform these beliefs
  • Begin working with your creative energy in a healthy way
  • Create and perform a ceremony around your creative energy

Module 11:  Journey of Initiation

  • Understand what a spiritual initiation is
  • Choose to release the old and embrace the new
  • Request a blessing from one of your spiritual helpers
  • Create and perform a ceremony for your spiritual initiation

Module 12:  Experience your Divine Light

  • Journey to a spiritual helper to experience your divine light
  • Learn how to use this for healing and transforming friends, family, loved ones and the planet
  • Perform a final ceremony sharing your divine light with the group and with the world.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 12 online lessons
  • 12 Meditations and Shamanic Journeys
  • 13 Group Calls, recorded
  • A Secret Facebook Page for ongoing support
  • 2 Laser Coaching Calls for Q and A
  • Live Workshop in Sedona, AZ

An unprecedented virtual training giving you the tools to change and transform your inner and outer games, to open to guidance, to create instant ‘app’s’ for instant transformation, and learn new tools to help shift and heal yourself, your loved ones and the planet. All with the help of a mentor and the support of your spirit helpers and the group membership.  If you are serious about creating the life you were meant to live, then this is the step you need to take now.  Click here  to get started.

Questions?  Don’t know what course to take?  Want to know more?  Call us at 888-886-5449 or  click here to schedule a call with us. We’re happy to help!