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"I feel like I have 'come home' to my self. So much clarity and empowerment has come and I am in a wonderful place of acceptance. In many ways, I feel that I have fully realized my self as a vibrational being and that I can create anything with love, joy and patience. Old issues seem to hold no charge anymore and every encounter/experience offers opportunities for enlightenment. I have to thank you for allowing me into the circle with the Hathor teachings. Truly amazing and life-changing."

M.O., Sedona, AZ

"Now I know why I was being so strongly guided to come to you. I went home and took a nap as suggested, but it seemed like I had a lot of energy. Sort of turned into a 'restless leg syndrome' episode! ;-) But the important part was when it dawned on me that I could straighten my legs all the way, putting the back of my knees flat against the bed. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT FOR THREE YEARS!!!! Did you know you witnessed a miracle today??? I have been thanking the angels for thirty minutes now, so decided to write to you and share the joy. ;-) Thank you so much !!"

A.D., St. Louis MO

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Medicine Wheel

Offering workshops filled with empowerment, healing and fun!

Creating a Medicine Wheel and The Medicine Wheel Ceremony/ Shamanic Journeys /
The LightWheel Ceremony / Vortex Experiences


Creating a Medicine Wheel

Come and burn sage with us.
Learn how the ancients connected to the vastness of our being.
Experience how YOU are a walking medicine wheel.
Release energy blockages. Open your heart!
Solidify intentions for empowerment, healing, joy, and new growth.
Integrate Divine energies.

The ancient ones used the medicine wheel as a tool for healing, empowerment, and connection to all that is.
They learned to create the wheel wherever they were, using stones from their environment.
Learn how you can create your medicine wheel wherever you are, even indoors!
Handouts included.
Creating a Medicine Wheel takes approximately 3 hours.

Please inquire about pricing for yourself or your group.
Contact Leon at (928)239-9332 or

The Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Now that you have a Medicine Wheel, what do you do with it?

Learn about the sacred geometry of creation for personal growth.
Receive love and support from your group and from spirit.
Receive/experience whatever growth opportunities are manifested through ceremony.
Be open with love and gratitude to all that is in alignment for you at this time.
Above all, have fun!
The Medicine Wheel Ceremony includes a handout with a step-by-step process to facilitate YOUR medicine wheel ceremony.

For more information, contact Leon at (928)239-9332 or

Shamanic Journeys

Going into a meditative state while listening to the methodical beat of a drum or rattle.

The ancient ones knew the value of meditation,
and they used what sound they had to promote that state of consciousness.

Learn how to use the power of the drum/rattle to connect to your spirit helpers.

Spirit helpers include our power animals,
or animals that spirit chooses for us,
and who have the attributes we need at the time.

Connect with your animal totem for healing.

Our spirit helpers become our allies for healing and problem solving.
Not just for ourselves, but for the planet.

Learn how to transmute negativity in your life
and the planet.

Our spirit helpers move freely through time:
past, present and future,
for our highest good and healing.

Experience the art of shape shifting.

Connect with ancestors and descendants for knowledge and wisdom.

Please inquire about pricing for yourself or your group.
Contact Phoenix at (928)239-9332 or email


The LightWheel Ceremony

From Phoenix:

The name LightWheel was inspired from a meeting with my future self.
When I was in meditation, I met with my future self with the intention of receiving a gift.

My future self looked at me,
immediately dropped to the ground,
removed a center stone from a medicine wheel,
and began digging underneath it.

I heard a familiar song in the background.
I watched as her hands began to burn bright red as she dug in the ground.
Then she paused and looked at me.
I wasn't sure I understood.
So she repeated everything again.
And again.
Last, she put a red stone in the hole she'd dug.
And then she was finished.

I wasn't sure what this all meant.
And I knew I would need to meditate on it.

As I left the group meditation,
a woman offered to sing me a song.
"I sing songs for people as guided, " she said.
She began to sing a song about taking a red rock from my garden
and placing it on my altar.
She sang this over and over again, looking a little confused.

I understood it completely!
I knew the red rock from my garden would go on my altar.
And then be used to create something in the medicine wheel.
I just didn't know the next step.

So I meditated on it.
Again, I heard the background music
and this time I recognized it!
It was the Devi Prayer from Pruess and Anand.
I actually had the CD!

As I listened to it, my meditation led me to an interaction with the Hathors.
Fifth through twelfth dimensional beings.

They were the ones who taught me how to make a LightWheel
and what to do with it.

LightWheels are columns of love and gratitude
created in the center of Medicine Wheels.

Once created, LightWheels can be utilized
for personal and planetary healing and manifestation.

Once created, they are permanent.
And connected to all other LightWheels all over the universe.
Creating a web of light
that carries love, gratitude, and connection to all that is.

The Hathors have created three separate parts to the LightWheel Workshop.

Part 1: Creating the LightWheel
Learn how to create a LightWheel wherever you are.
Learn how to utilize prana for healing.
Use the sacred geometry of your LightBody to connect to all that is.
3 hours

Part II: Manifesting Personal Intentions
Learn how to connect to the Mother of All Things.
Learn how to give/receive unconditonal love.
Learn how to ask for what you most desire from your heart.
3 hours

Part III: Manifesting Positive Planetary Outcomes
Re-connect with your LightWheel for programming intentions.
Re-connect with the Mother of All Things for Planetary Outcomes.
Program your LightWheel with your positive Planetary Outcomes.
3 hours

Part IV: Becoming the LightWheel
Remember that we are the LightWheel, not just practicing it.
Re-connect with the Mother of All Things to remember how to love ourselves.
2 hours

This can also be accomplished in one day, although it's almost too much to take in that fast.
A better option might be to take two days, and do Parts I and II on one day, and Parts III and IV on the next. (PRS)

The first LightWheel was created on Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012 in Sedona, AZ.

The next LightWheel was created in Omaha, NE on Wed. Feb. 6 , 2013 at the White Deer Retreat.

New! A one day LIghtWheel Experience in Sedona, AZ area on Sept. 5, 2016.
Bring a rattle or drum.
Cost: $44

Register and pay by credit here. (Cash only accepted at the door.)

LightWheel, Sept. 5

It was during the second LightWheel that I realized I was teaching teachers.
If you are a teacher or facilitator,
and are interested in facilitating a LightWheel where you are, you have some options.

First, you can invite Phoenix and Leon to come to you and facilitate a LightWheel.
Second, if you are guided to do this yourself, check back here often.
Phoenix has put together a written outline
for facilitators to use with groups.

Download it here.

Contact Phoenix.
(928)239-9332 or for more information.


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Vortex Experiences

When in town, we are still offering the 'Sedona Vortex Experience'!

For those of you new to the energy of Sedona, and the energy of vortexes,
download this FREE What is a Vortex document here.

Our vortex experience takes you and/or group to sites highly charged with the energy springs of Sedona!

Our intention is to show you what it feels like
to be in an energy spring that we call a vortex.

We explain the unique types of energies found in Sedona
and how to find them.

Your vortex experience with us may include guided meditation
and/or a short walk, and is based on your goal or focus.

This experience lasts for a two or a three-hour time period.
Please contact us for pricing and availability. (928)239-9332 or email


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