There are a number of fundamentals with respect to energy healing which are important to understand as a framework to any discussion. Keeping these fundamentals in mind is useful, but keeping an open mind is much more useful and practical. A skeptical attitude or predisposition will on the other hand not be very useful or productive in any discussion of this topic.

The basic concept of energy healing is that there is more to healing than just a physical aspect. Emotional, metaphysical, or other dimensions are relevant to the healing process and to overall well-being in conjunction with the physical elements in the equation.

Thus, the concept is that energy healing, or energy channeling, can help someone to heal more effectively and more promptly and it can also help people to become ill or unwell less often!

Part of the confusion about this topic is that there are many forms of healing which are billed as energy healing and these are supported by different interpretations and theories about how our energy might be employed and utilized from a health perspective.

Sadly, there are also those who perhaps overstate and mislead for financial gain, which does the reputation of effective healers no good and allows skeptics to dismiss the effectiveness of these forms of healing for whatever reason or motivation.

Perhaps one of the most popular forms of energy healing is Reiki. This is not by accident as the process of Reiki embraces many of the energy theories from a variety of healing energy approaches.

In Reiki, energy is defined around the Chakra system, a series of energy channels strategically located throughout and in the vicinity of the physical body. Each of these Chakras influences different aspects of our physical and emotional health.

Any blockages in the flow of the life force or energy are caused by blockages of these Chakras so in Reiki healing the process of healing involves addressing the optimization of energy flow through the Chakras. One important feature of Reiki is that the energy in question is always the energy of the recipient of the treatment themselves. No energy is transferred from the practitioner. Instead, the practitioner works to eliminate blockages and optimize energy flow.

Is energy healing a valid approach? That is still an open question, but there is no arguing with the fact that conventional medicine is increasingly turning to various forms of alternative treatment as a complement to conventional medical practices which is an endorsement in itself!