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"I feel like I have 'come home' to my self. So much clarity and empowerment has come and I am in a wonderful place of acceptance. In many ways, I feel that I have fully realized my self as a vibrational being and that I can create anything with love, joy and patience. Old issues seem to hold no charge anymore and every encounter/experience offers opportunities for enlightenment. I have to thank you for allowing me into the circle with the Hathor teachings. Truly amazing and life-changing."

M.O., Sedona, AZ

"Now I know why I was being so strongly guided to come to you. I went home and took a nap as suggested, but it seemed like I had a lot of energy. Sort of turned into a 'restless leg syndrome' episode! ;-) But the important part was when it dawned on me that I could straighten my legs all the way, putting the back of my knees flat against the bed. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT FOR THREE YEARS!!!! Did you know you witnessed a miracle today??? I have been thanking the angels for thirty minutes now, so decided to write to you and share the joy. ;-) Thank you so much !!"

A.D., St. Louis MO

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In the meantime........

Two days before we closed our center, we had a hard freeze.
Not so unusual in Sedona, as we're at over 4000 feet.
However, we'd also had some moisture for three days running.
And the moisture settled in around our
beautiful large calcite cluster in front of our house.
When I left in the morning to go to our center,
I did a double-take.
It almost appeared as though part of the crystal
had been stolen! When I looked again,
I saw that the crystal was now in pieces
all around the stump it had been sitting on.

At first, I was so dismayed!
This calcite crystal cluster was so gorgeous!
It had measured at least 12 inches wide by 16 inches deep,
with large 5-6 inch points on it.

Now as I looked at it
I saw shards and points and pieces everywhere!

When I looked again, though,
I saw beauty.

Beauty in the transformation of a crystal explosion.

Beauty in the multitudes of crystal shards everywhere.

Looking like snowflakes. Looking like glass. Looking like exceptional crystals everywhere!

I reflected that this transformation was much like our own right now.
In that we are also exploding.
Exploding into new pieces and parts.
Exploding into new beauty.
Exploding into a raw new beginning that is even better than before!

What a beautiful sign from spirit that we are on the right path!
Transformatively exploding into our new beginnings!

Thank you Spirit!

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