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"I feel like I have 'come home' to my self. So much clarity and empowerment has come and I am in a wonderful place of acceptance. In many ways, I feel that I have fully realized my self as a vibrational being and that I can create anything with love, joy and patience. Old issues seem to hold no charge anymore and every encounter/experience offers opportunities for enlightenment. I have to thank you for allowing me into the circle with the Hathor teachings. Truly amazing and life-changing."

M.O., Sedona, AZ

"Now I know why I was being so strongly guided to come to you. I went home and took a nap as suggested, but it seemed like I had a lot of energy. Sort of turned into a 'restless leg syndrome' episode! ;-) But the important part was when it dawned on me that I could straighten my legs all the way, putting the back of my knees flat against the bed. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT FOR THREE YEARS!!!! Did you know you witnessed a miracle today??? I have been thanking the angels for thirty minutes now, so decided to write to you and share the joy. ;-) Thank you so much !!"

A.D., St. Louis MO

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BioSpiritual Frequency Generator

Bio-Spiritual Frequency Generator

The Bio-Spiritual Frequency Generator

While putting out the waveforms that mirror the harmonic laws of nature,
the Bio-Spiritual Frequency Generator
may be capable of helping the body, mind and soul
towards the state of its true energetic potential.

'The Unit' functions with a Golden Ratio Antenna
to send out a wide spectrum of frequencies
that relate to the mathematics of life.


Our bodies then act as receivers of these harmonic frequencies
that may optimize the functions of our DNA
to rejuvenate and restore us to a state of wellness.

The Bio-Spiritual Frequency Generator
has been used to facilitate the frequencies
that work with the body to address at least the following issues:

  • helps to alleviate pain from arthritis, arthrosis and rheumatism or from other causes
  • bone fractures heal in a fraction of the normal time, as do wounds
  • helps to relieve tension aches and facial neuralgia
  • helps to ease the side effects of chemotherapy, such as hair loss or low hemoglobin counts
  • helps to prevent tissue or cell-tissue damage and other side effects of radiation therapy
  • helps to alleviate migraine and tension headaches
  • helps restore memory loss
  • helps to clear cysts
  • helps to restore body functions after surgery
  • helps to restore proper blood cell counts
  • helps to restore normal liver functions
  • helps to restore normal thyroid functions

Click here for your free information on the Bio-Spiritual Frequency Generator and its history.

'The Unit' is intended for research, experimentation and entertainment only.

Neither the operator nor 'The Unit'
is able to practice medicine,
cure disease, diagnose or treat specific illness
or prescribe or adjust medication.

Demonstrations will focus on the power of individual
and group intention in conjunction with 'the unit'
to effect a desired outcome.

Individual sessions with the Bio-Spiritual Frequency Generator are available for $60/hr.

For more information on individual sessions
or to schedule your private session,
contact Leon at (928)239-9332 or


The picture shows a woman using the Emitter Tube on a breast cyst.
The Emitter Tube creates a more direct connection of current.


"Within two weeks, I was wearing pants two sizes smaller
due to the decrease and elimination
of my fibrous tumors in my abdomen." A.C

For more information on how to purchase your personal Bio-Spiritual Frequency Generator
contact Leon at (928)239-9332 or

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