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"I feel like I have 'come home' to my self. So much clarity and empowerment has come and I am in a wonderful place of acceptance. In many ways, I feel that I have fully realized my self as a vibrational being and that I can create anything with love, joy and patience. Old issues seem to hold no charge anymore and every encounter/experience offers opportunities for enlightenment. I have to thank you for allowing me into the circle with the Hathor teachings. Truly amazing and life-changing."

M.O., Sedona, AZ

"Now I know why I was being so strongly guided to come to you. I went home and took a nap as suggested, but it seemed like I had a lot of energy. Sort of turned into a 'restless leg syndrome' episode! ;-) But the important part was when it dawned on me that I could straighten my legs all the way, putting the back of my knees flat against the bed. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT FOR THREE YEARS!!!! Did you know you witnessed a miracle today??? I have been thanking the angels for thirty minutes now, so decided to write to you and share the joy. ;-) Thank you so much !!"

A.D., St. Louis MO

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Aura Photos

Aura Photo Examples / Have Camera will Travel!

Does your Aura change? See some examples below.

Auras, or your energy field, is the state of your vibration. Different colors indicate different states or ways of being. Since everything is vibration, literally everything will affect your aura. Listening to music, smelling essential oils (whether you like them or not!), having a conversation with someone, driving in heavy traffic, etc. all affect your aura in different ways. Just like when you feel tense. Your whole body is affected. And your energy field shows tension by the dull colors, smaller size, and lack of clarity of your aura. Yet when you're relaxed, your energy field demonstrates that through an expanded aura, bright colors, and clarity.

Here is an example of an aura photo taken before a 5 minute empowerment and after.


Notice the difference between the picture on the left (Call this A), taken before the 5 minute empowerment, and the picture on the right (Call this B), taken immediately after the 5 minute empowerment.
The red ball at the bottom center of picture A is now replaced with dark blue in B. Red usually means anger or stuck energy. Blue indicates more calmness and connection.

The green on the right side of A has now moved into the top and around the left side of picture B indicating more healing has come into the person.
And the purple on the upper left of A has been replaced with a green and white blob in B. The purple would indicate a high connection to spirit, but what replaced it is a blob that is usually referred to as an angel or spirit guide.
See how much can change in just 5 minutes?

Here is an example of an aura photo taken just before a one hour Integrated Energy Therapy session (A) and immediately after. (B)


Notice how expanded the aura became in B after the session. Notice the huge change in colors, from green and yellow and blue in A to red and orange in B, indicating more strength and vitality. Notice the round red dots in B that indicate angels or spirit guides.

Just imagine how much better this person felt!

Be watching for our NEW book: Auras and how to Read Them.

Have Aura Camera will Travel!

Would you like to host an aura photo party?
Or use aura photos to help your clients understand and better value your services?
Our aura camera is portable
and with our years of experience in interpreting aura photos,
we can help you and your friends or clients!
Everyone will have fun and learn more about themselves.
We need a minimum of six people. Aura photos are $35 per person.

OR we can help your business grow!
Invite your clients to have a before and after aura photo.
Offer your service in between.
We'll interpret the aura photos, and help your client understand
how much they have changed as a result of your service.
This package is offered by the day
and is priced accordingly to the number of photos you plan to have taken.

Contact us, Leon and Phoenix, to plan to plan your aura photo event! (928)239-9332 or

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