Sedona HeartWalk

How we got our name.  After I, Phoenix,  moved across country, leaving everything behind except what would fit in a van and a car, I began my spiritual ’employment’ full time at a local center.  I didn’t know anyone in Sedona.  But the angels guided me to the perfect place for me to begin sharing my gifts, and they also guided me to meet Leon in Mexico (see opening video). Leon also moved across country after meeting me with only a van-load.   After about a year of working in someone else’s center, I felt restless.  I am a leader. I’m an entrepreneur. I wanted to have control of my own space, and offer what I am in the way that felt right for me.

I began having dreams about a center.  I saw various people sharing their gifts and talents and helping many people.  I felt the thrill of being in charge, and also making a difference, feeling significant.

I talked to Leon about it. He also was ready to make a change and to be in charge of our space. To do what felt right for us, and not feel trapped by surrounding energies out of our control.

Within 2 weeks of my dreams, there were 6 people who approached us individually, saying, “I don’t know how, but I think we’re supposed to work together.”

We began meeting weekly to brainstorm what we desired, what felt in alignment, how we could possibly work together.

As we progressed, it became clear that some of the people were only there to brainstorm ideas initially, and then move on.  Others were there to stay on as practitioners. Still others had various roles they played.  We found the perfect space for the first center, and had a painting party to transform the rooms.  Leon and Angelique created a classroom out of a storage room.  Mariposa and Phoenix and Austin painted.  Megan created the heart mural after someone said, “What shall we call ourselves?”  Jane answered, “I have an idea. What about Sedona HeartWalk?”  It was a magical time of creation, fun, and high energy.  We had that location for 3 years until it became obvious we needed to move to a higher traffic area.

Keeping our name, but leaving behind the beautiful heart mural, we moved to Hwy 179 and became visible!

First HeartWalk

Megan’s Mural

Sedona HeartWalk Hwy 179

Then in 2012, the angels told us we were ‘done’. What did that mean?  Why were we done?  What do we do now?

That began the next journey of self discovery.  We were told to take our trainings ‘on the road’ because there were people who couldn’t access Sedona but needed the energies. So we took Sedona energies to people, wherever they were.

And after 3 hard years being on the road, we decided to do things differently.

We learned how to offer online courses, trainings, and healings.

We discovered that distance doesn’t matter when you’re talking about energy.

Many people tell us they experience deeper, more profound healing sessions over the phone or zoom than in person. We think it’s because they can relax in their own space, feel safe and uninterrupted, and don’t worry about any visual distractions.  And it makes so much sense to offer courses online because not everyone is going to come to Sedona, as beautiful as it is.

We’ve created a strong online presence to meet the needs of those who aren’t here in Sedona, and we also have maintained our physical presence for those who come here.

There truly is something for everyone now.

And we love what we do!

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