We are Phoenix and Leon

Sedona HeartWalk was a delightful brick and mortar healing center on Hwy 179 in Sedona, from 2006-2012.

In Dec. 2012 we were guided by angels to close it and take our healing and training on the road
to bring Sedona energies to people who couldn't be here.

After 3 hard years of going back and forth across the US, and learning most of the back routes to avoid traffic and have some fun,
we decided to do something different.

In the past 3 years, we have taken our healing and training to different levels, creating a stronger online presence,
and developing new courses in alignment with the new energies and times.

As a result of our work, we now offer life changing in-person healings and transformative live trainings
plus incredible online courses and personalized distant healing via phone, skype or zoom.

Helping you to make the most of your time, energy and money. Whether you're in Sedona or at home.

Read more about what we have to offer in our Transformative Healing Sessions/Packages and also in our Unforgettable Training.

We are here for you!

When you contact us, we will spend time connecting heart to heart with you, exploring what you'd like to shift, heal, change or transform and suggest the perfect opportunity for you to create the life you were meant to live. Click here to schedule your call!

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How we are different from the rest….

Both of us, Phoenix and Leon, have been healers and teachers for over twenty years.  We have a variety of modalities we offer, from Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy®, to Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Shamanic Healing, and most recently The Healing Angel Protocol.  But we realize it isn’t the modality that makes the difference, it’s the heart and soul we bring to each one of you that allows for transformation and miracles.  It is our personal connection to you that allows us  to establish trust at a deep level,  and offer a team approach that tells you, “We’ve got this.  We’ve got your back.”  And we do.  It is our goal to help you heal, shift, transform, and manifest the life you were meant to live.  And we do it with love.

When you initiate your first call with us, you’ll feel our undivided attention on you.  Your needs, your desires, your struggles, all of you.  And you’ll hear our response to you offering support, understanding, and healing.  We’ve been there too.  We know what it’s like to be where you are, AND we know what works efficiently, lovingly, and amazingly to help you through this current challenge as quickly as possible.

Saving you time, energy and money.  Whether we’re working in person or over the phone or zoom.

No matter where you are in life…

We can help!

Whether you are floundering, looking for passion and purpose, or on your way but unsure of your next step.

We can help!

Maybe you’re in a life crisis:  career, relationship, health or all  of these and needing some assistance to transition into a smoother place where you can trust your inner guidance and take insightful action.

We can help!

Or maybe you are ready to go to the next level of your personal growth, and  need to get those ‘issues out of your tissues’ that keep you limited, held down or held back!

We can help!

Either call us and together we will create your perfect itinerary to help you on your way fast.


or schedule a time when we can call you (using zoom, which we love because it’s so personal!) and let’s see what we can co-create together for your highest good and healing.

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Lizzie Schwarz Testimonial


As shamanic practitioner since 1994 and a transpersonal psychologist, I have high praise for this invaluable course! For those who say they don't have the time, this class makes it easy to continue with your spiritual practices. I have found the exercises and instant apps are powerful tools that can be accessed anytime.

Marian Simon Ask the Angels! Online Course

Linda Cawthon Testimonial


It has been approximately 30 days since the weekend course. The intentions I set in the class sure were aggressive.   The Angels have created an amazing way for me to navigate and feel secure which is wonderful but quite often I have asked myself,  "had I only known what was involved in my intention! !!!...." I'm sure you know what I am getting at.  It is alllllll perfect and truly miraculous.  What is so treasured is how much my heart and my confidence in my abilities, life purpose and fear of walking forward has shifted.

Patricia Ametherea Healer and Trainer

I was just given the most blessed days of my life. You are wonderful. I am in total bliss. Sure, I am back in the real world but I am being more aware of my interactions here and trying to heal those wrongs on this end. Thank you again. I have been talking to angels all morning.....I bet my neighbors are wondering what is up....thank you again, you have filled my heart up.I love you guys....you deserve the best.

Student, CA

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No matter where you are in the world, we can help you. If you're in Sedona (or going to be), we'll set up a schedule of sessions and courses for your highest and best outcome. If you cannot travel to Sedona at this time, we can still set you up with distant, phone and zoom sessions and courses to help you where you are right now. You have nothing to lose by calling or scheduling a free call now. Just imagine how your life can change and transform quickly with our help.

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